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Tax consultancy

  • Tax advice in matters of corporate taxes (direct and indirect taxes);
  • Assistance in custom procedures;
  • Assisting companies during tax audits or external audits;
  • Consulting in analysis of structures and financial flows;
  • Financial Consulting in analysis of the cash flow and working capital;
  • Consulting in analysis of the financial statements;
  • Advice for operations division, merger, liquidation;
  • Financial advisory in developing plans for financing and treasury;
  • Participation in preparing and filing tax declarations.

Management Consultancy, Human Resources

  • Providing services for internal organizing, such as: charts, structures, functions;
  • Analysis and organization of documents flow;
  • Analysis and organization of information flow;
  • Assistance in choosing the right softwares;
  • Continuous professional training of the management team, employees on accounting and tax relared topics.

Legal and financial Consultancy

  • Assistance for establishing a new company, or managing changes in an existing one;
  • Advice and assistance in order to start an investment in Romania;
  • Preparing business plans and feasibility studies.

For more information about our Consultancy offer, please contact Financial Ltd. representatives