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Tax Consultant, Chartered Accountant, Auditor

For more than 15 years, the Financial team, composed of tax consultants, chartered accountants and auditors, has been providing high quality services for domestic and foreign companies, regardless of the size of business they run.

Rigor and reliability are the key points in the partnerships established between Financial and companies from Arad, or other national and international areas.

Our team of chartered accountants, tax consultants and auditors is always focused on the client’s needs, and customize our services to each side, therefore being able to obtain net benefits in a complex and competitive market.

Financial team of chartered accountants, tax consultants and auditors are recognized by the following organizations:
  • Chamber of Financial Auditors in Romania
  • Chamber of Tax Consultants
  • National Union of Insolvency Practitioners in Romania
  • Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania

Experience has taught us that sharing of visions and values leads us to real successes. Thus, today we are proud of successful partnerships such as the birth of Vizental Consulting Partners in 2009 and also with satisfied customers in various fields of activity:

  • Production (in various areas: automotive, metal sections, electrical components, textiles, furniture, handicrafts, etc.):
  • Wholesale and retail trade;
  • national and international services;
  • Property;
  • insurance and insurance mediation;
  • Agriculture.